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The PSR is a 100 % non-partisan academic forum, an Open Intellectual Convivium -- for the study of countries, regions, communities, and institutions sharing, exploring, transforming, or developing a Portuguese, Brazilian, or other Luso-related heritage

Multi-lingual, peer reviewed, open-minded, agenda-free. Articles, review essays, reviews in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and other languages.


“The important thing is to never stop questioning ” (A. Einstein)


A revista PSR deseja, a todos, saúde, veracidade, e paz no ano de 2023. Never put ideological conformity ('group-think') above complete scholarly integrity. All else is 'gaslighting'. "The whole point of science is to question accepted dogmas" (Freeman Dyson)

The PSR / Baywolf Press ensure a full panoply of academic publishing services: • handling of manuscripts (articles, books, research data), with peer review • full-service development of periodicals and books • we operate in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French, and offer a venue for Lusophone-related material in other languages (German, Italian, the Scandinavian and Slavic zone, Finno-Ugric zone, and more) • la revue PSR et Éditions Baywolf offrent une palette de services en langue française: examen par des pairs & appui rédactionnel complet pour monographies, anthologies d'essais, et recueils d'études savantes • in all research and publishing matters you are invited to contact us on-line. Notification: The PSR / Baywolf Press maintain, from this point forward, a raised level of referee scrutiny for all submitted papers.*

* This referee scrutiny tightening is externally induced. It is a prudential response to the various 'peer review' scandals that erupted at major science and humanities publishers in the summer and fall of 2022, plus to texts generated by ChatGPT. We are fully aware of all the pro et contra debates. Fully aware of the specific instances, responses, and mitigation processes. We are also fully aware of the entire debate around 'the rise and fall of Peer Review'. Aware of the highly ideological and politicized nature of the talking point that goes "but has this been peer reviewed?"Translation: we have been at this game very long, and we certainly know how to play the game, hardball. We, at the PSR, are very simply invested in original, accurate, meticulous, precise, honest, probing, future-oriented scholarship, unafraid to ask hard and unpopular questions and to utterly defy group-think, regardless of what government regulators or institutional 'gatekeepers' may say. We reject government, bureaucratic, ministerial, political party, and/or ideological control over what the results of research purportedly 'ought to be' according to some so-called Central Policy or mandate or "behavioural nudging" or an AI.



Current Calls for Papers, 2023 (with carry-over from 2022)

The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) has closed its Call for Papers. The International Conference "The Lusophone World and its Diasporas" will be held from June 28 to July 1, 2023 at York University, Toronto, Canada. For full details please consult
the following link (blue target) or the banner-link, below. Both will take you to the LSA website, Toronto Conference section . You may also go the LSA website directly and use its navigation tools (in the LSA site banner, or in the 'navigation options'). Conference Registration is now open:



The Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) is pleased to draw your attention to our two committee-adjudicated prizes for 'best paper', associated with the LSA Conferences: a Graduate Student Prize and a Post-Doctoral Prize, each in the amount of $ 1,000.00 CDN. For details, please consult the following link (blue target):

The PSR / Baywolf Press
have closed two topical Calls for Papers (our Standing General Call for Papers, 2022-2023-2024 continues, of course, as well as other Calls). Note: even though the two proposal Calls posted immediately below closed on 30 October 2022, we were still accepting certain proposals into January 2023, at our sole discretion. The deadline for fully finished papers was 15 February 2023, the deadline for Focus Issue or Edited Volume proposals was 15 January 2023, as previously announced.

(A) Mutual Regards I: The World through Lusophone Eyes and Portuguese-speakers through the Eyes of Others -- The Era of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (some chronologically prior pilot studies -- which logically would not fit the announced timeframe because they pre-date the later eighteenth century -- are being featured in the Summer 2022 issue of the PSR (30 [1]), as a project 'pilot'). The issue, somewhat delayed, will be shipping in late February 2023.

(B) Mutual Regards II: The World through Lusophone Eyes and Portuguese-speakers through the Eyes of Others --
The First World War Era (including the October Revolution and its Immediate Post-1918 Ideological Sequels)
. We were considering a variety of interesting possibilities and propositions, and we had therefore agreed to a substantial extension of the original deadlines. We aimed to accommodate all our peer reviewed authors, and manage our annual space wisely, in scheduled issues, Edited Volumes, and Monographs.

Featured item from the Author FAQ PSR area:

  Q: What is the simplest way to submit an article / proposal?

Just e-mail it to the PSR as a mail attachment(s).
> Editorial Contact: click here <. When sending material, make sure you have Javascript enabled, in your browser (depends on YOUR level of security comfort and tech-savvy-zone-settings that YOU implemented in your browser -- if you are absolutely paranoid, we do not criticize you at all, we salute you and value you). Click 'Send Mail to PSR' (between the two 'postal envelope' icons). If the file is very large (this will rarely be so), ZIP & attach the ZIP file. If you must send large image files (illustrations), ZIP them or post them up on a free or contract Cloud server (options are available worldwide, now, with introductory basic service almost always for free) & e-mail us the file share link so we could pull the material down. You can even password the link and / or the ZIP files. Just send us passwords through separate e-mail / channel. If you feel you need to do so over an entirely separate secure channel, tell us by e-mail without any details, and we shall mail you back so that you could 'respond' over same channel. Very simple. Whatever makes YOU secure. For basic submission requirements (a check-list), click here.


Lectures & Conferences, Winter-Spring 2023

Espaços Educativos – Políticas, Práticas, Atores e Aprendizagem / XXX Colóquio 2023 • 25 de Janeiro de 2023 a 27 de Janeiro de 2023: Instituto da Educação da Universidade de Lisboa • O Colóquio visa promover a sistematização e a divulgação do conhecimento científico sobre o caráter educativo dos múltiplos espaços de vida, de trabalho e de estudo (espaço familiar, escolas, centros de formação, cidades, vilas, aldeias, bairros e outros territórios, empresas, associações, hospitais, museus, bibliotecas, centros de recursos, teatros, prisões, etc.) • Link: https://www.ulisboa.pt/evento/espacos-educativos-politicas-praticas-atores-e-aprendizagem

Cross Media Arts 2023 / International Conference "Social Arts and Collaboration" • 9 de Fevereiro de 2023 a 10 de Fevereiro de 2023, Faculdade de Belas Artes da ULisboa • Coordenação: Paula Reaes Pinto (Ed.) | Escola de Artes da Universidade de Évora, António Gorgel Pinto (Ed.) | IADE, Universidade Europeia, Teresa Veiga Furtado (Ed.) | Escola de Artes da Universidade de Évora, Sérgio Vicente | Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa • Organização: CHAIA | Universidade de Évora, UNIDCOM | IADE, Universidade Europeia, CIEBA | Universidade de Lisboa) • Link: https://www.ulisboa.pt/evento/social-arts-and-collaboration


The LSA website formerly hosted at York University was relocated to the LSA / PSR platform way back, in the summer of 2022.
Further enhancements in progress, by March 2023. The old site (lsa.apps01.yorku.ca) is no longer maintained. Your new 'member' passwords will not work on the old site. The two are not technically connected, for online safety reasons.


The LSA International Conference 'Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World' concluded successfully more than half a year ago, on 02 July 2022, in Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

• the fully archived conference site remains available in a long-term vault on the PSR system, as data-of-record relevant to professional profiles and development (i.e. scholarly meetings, record of academic participation)  •  further conferences will also be archived, with links maintained as long as third-party-site & redirects can technically be kept alive • 


Ano Letivo
Universidade dos Açores


The PSR and Baywolf Press
support The 4 D's Framework -- Doubt, Dissent, Debate against Dogma. It is very clear by now that rational freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and even freedom of core (i.e. indispensable) research is de facto under systematic regulatory, institutional, and legislative attack. The actors involve political parties, ideologies, governments, lobbyists, funding agencies, numerous corporations, and others, all around Planet Earth. The freedom to reach conclusions 100% independently and to speak with utter honesty about those conclusions has become manifestly inconvenient to very many entrenched holders of power and influence. It is not, of course, freedom of speech and research that represents a 'threat' to Humanity. On the contrary, the dire threat to the entire future of Humanity is mechanistic 97% or 100% Cult-like consensus. "If all think the same, no one is actually thinking at all." There are numeours variations of this dictum out there, Internet-'attributed' to so many different people that the attributions have become a meaningless comedy. But the dictum as such is fully accurate. Research results that are shaped by an explicit or implicit highly politicized requirement to 'mobilize', 'fall in line', 'keep step and shut your mouth' (the classic and well-known "Maul halten und weiter dienen!") are not research. They are mere iterative 'messaging'. They endlessly reiterate and adulation-'confirm' a dogma and the talking points of a specific ideology, or 'preferred' theory. Nothing new is being produced. Existential self-censoring prevails. What reigns supreme is one or another so-called 'revolutionary' dogma that once was new and exciting, perhaps, but now is stale. And because it is stale, it increasingly depends on simply being imposed. This is of course a high road to civilizational collapse (which is what some people would in fact prefer, having expressed a clear philosophical and misanthropic preference for it ever since the late 1960s). Just for the sake of scoring 'points' against 'disinformation' -- aka completely valild data you don't like, dug up by people you don't like. A heroic cause, surely, that is worth ruining a perfectly good civlization or Planet. But then, what is the fuss? Pol Pot ruined Cambodia too, filled the Killing Fields with skulls and skeletons. For glorious ideology. Brother Number One. Tuol Sleng Security Prison 21 (S-21), anyone (1975-1979)? Used waterboarding, too, already back then. Very, very advanced. A true heroic pioneer.

It is thus imperative to (a) defend an untramelled right to dissent and also (b) defend the right to challenge critically and to keep disproving meticulously and with utter honest precision all scientific and scholarly and political data or concepts that readily crumble upon the slightest exposure to sober and independent tests. 'Semantic' 指鹿為馬 -- zhi lu wei ma is useless and 100% self-defeating. It is ephemeral baka (バカ, ばか), baka-mono (馬鹿者) , 馬鹿 (whether one consults the Unbo Irohashū [運歩色葉集] or the 源氏物語 [Genji monogatari] [c. 1100s] or goes back to 207 BCE and earlier still -- 馬鹿者 simply is and always will be just 馬鹿者: always just the same totalitarian 'word-salad' disguise for ulterior and corrupt [political / ideological] purposes [and a purported exertion of raw power rooted in an enforced acceptance of internally quite contradictory nonsense]').
Freedom of speech is an existential requirement, whether one agrees with any given well-supported research or argument, or disagrees. This is an issue of what is purely pragmatic, in one's own actual interest. Those utterly despised, censored, and punished 'other' ideas may in fact prove to be correct and entirely essential. A Monopoly on Truth is as bad and self-defeating as any other form of monopoly or dictatorship. Stale, rigid, and absolutely futile. Plus, if everything and anything, whatever and whatsoever, can purportedly be 'explained' (without any really valid proof or valid explanation) as a 'sign' of the validity of your Theory, then your Theory is worthless. You are in fact enrolled in a Cult that is divorced from genuine scholarship, and elevates monocausal, monoTheory, monoChemicalElement dogma as a Universal Explanans. Which only confirms that this is in fact a Cult. This maxim holds right and left, whatever (if anything at all, any more) such tags might actually mean. Bottom line: If one is reduced to enforcing one's ideology through censorship, overt or covert repression, Emergency Laws, speech control, and Police / Guards cordons, because one is paroxysmally afraid of all dissenting analysis, then one unfortunately holds back the development of alternatives (whether 'new' or old and improved) that may prove essential for the future and survival of Humanity. It is of course always possible that one intends to hold such developments back because one (a) truly despises Humanity as 'inconvenience' and Planet-infestation, or (b) clings to power for purposes of pure political self-preservation, given that one has lied so many times that Truth is now logically one's existential enemy. You may now go to the bathroom and rage in front of the mirror, so that you would see 'who you are'.

Very simply, do not censor others, consider arguments on pure technical merit and quality of scholarship, read even what you despise (because it may benefit you unexpectedly), do not persecute others, do not 'deplatform', do not 'doxx', do not get others dismissed, do not misuse power, do not lie about what others have said, do not use the cloak of The System to do your very own dirty work while expecting yummy rewards, awards, grants and bonuses. Does this sound 'uncomfortable', perhaps? If interested, read (or not -- no one compels, NOT at OUR site) our longer statement on > core intellectual freedoms <.


Publishing Program, 2023

For our past and future volumes, please visit our Forthcoming and Recent webpages. A new monographic series of Edited Volumes was successfully launched (see announcement below -- the initial volumes included, among other, Rivers and Shores: 'Fluviality' and the Occupation of Colonial Amazonia, edited and curated by Rafael Chambouleyron and Luís Costa e Sousa. An edited volume of reflections centered on Ceuta and Northern Morocco, 1415-2015, and a volume of studies on Minas Gerais (see below) are now available. Paul Christopher Manuel's monograph, Voices of the Revolution: Revisiting the Portuguese Revolution of 25 April 1974 -- Interviews and Insights, with interview texts in mirror Portuguese and English versions, was released on 30-31 December 2019, just before the COVID-19 crisis. The roster of publications in progress includes new core translations into English of selected classic Portuguese sources of enduring cultural and research significance (in particular a new critical English translation of the Esmeraldo de Situ Orbis and the first ever English translation of the Manuscrito de Valentim Fernandes, involving a rigorous comparison between the published Portuguese and other versions and the original of the Manuscrito de Valentim Fernandes preserved in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich)). The Valentim Fernandes project will finally be fully ready in 2023 (unforeseen labour-related COVID delays had intervened in the final stages): (a) a full digital text of the transcription, newly derived from the manuscript and formatted to reflect the original accurately, (b) a full span of geospatially aware place name concordances (an analytical key), and (c) a digital atlas. More about our profle... >>


PSR Edited Volume No. 5
 Pablo A. Iglesias Magalhães (Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia and Universidade Federal de Sergipe) and Walmira Costa (Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG), eds., Edição e editores no Brasil e Portugal entre os séculos XVIII e XX (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2022), 202 + xvi pages; ills. & diagrams; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 30.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-61-1 (soft-cover) (in stock; shipping to all clients; full digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package [membership covers all currently available PSR / Baywolf Press publications, plus discounts for conferences]).


PSR Edited Volumes

Our most recent volumes in this peer-reviewed monographic series are:

Edição e editores no Brasil e Portugal entre os séculos XVIII e XX
, edited by Pablo A. Iglesias Magalhães (Universidade Federal do Oeste da Bahia and Universidade Federal de Sergipe) and Walmira Costa (Escola de Ciência da Informação da UFMG) (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2022), 202 + xv pages; ills.; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 30.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-61-1 (digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

New Perspectives on Angola: From Slaving Colony to Nation State
, edited by José C. Curto (York University), with the assistance of Maryann Buri (York University) (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2021), 9" x 6", 308 + xiv pages, tables and diagrams; list price: $ 39.50 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-55-0 (soft-cover) (digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

Encounters in Borderlands: Portugal, Ceuta, and the 'Other Shore'
, edited by Martin Malcolm Elbl (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 358 + xvi pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 34.75 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-56-7 (soft-cover) (digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

As Minas Gerais do Brasil: economia, ciência e cultura nos séculos XVIII e XIX, edited by Rafael de Freitas, Sirleia Maria Arantes, and Weder Ferreira Silva (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 334 + xxii pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 32.30 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-57-4 (soft-cover) (digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).

Rivers and Shores: 'Fluviality' and the Occupation of Colonial Amazonia, edited by Rafael Chambouleyron and Luís Costa e Sousa (Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2019), 190 + xiv pages; ills. and maps; 9" x 6"; list price: $ 27.20 CAD; ISBN 978-0-921437-59-8 (soft-cover) (digital access available to Lusophone Studies Association members as part of membership package; >> login here <<).


Straits Amazonia Minas Gerias


  Featured Presses, Selected Publications, Auctions

(The PSR / Baywolf Press have zero stake in and derive nothing -- not a single fraction of a cent, or a single click (which are not monitored on our domain), or collateral derivative -- from any announcements featured below. The announcements are occasional, purely voluntary, and simply reflect our warm and pleased appreciation. These are not to be considered 'advertisements'. Internet 'mythology' says 'endorsements' (or even better -- 'fake news') are astronomically profitable. The truth? Circa 1,000,000 'hits' typically yields under $500.00, maybe, perhaps. And we simply do not need $500.00. Not interested.That is all. End of so-called 'conversation'.)

Feira de Livros do Sesc Amazonas, Outubro 2023, Manaus
A Feira de Livros do Sesc Amazonas reúne as principais editoras e livrarias da região e promove encontro de leitores com autores regionais e nacionais. Também conta com uma extensa programação multicultural, além de palestras, oficinas, mesas temáticas. O autor homenageado: Jorge Tufic (faleceu em 2018), considerado um dos poetas mais expressivos da moderna literatura amazonense, teve sua estreia literária em 1956, com a publicação de ‘Varanda de Pássaros’. Após isso, escreveu mais de 30 obras, envolvendo crônicas, romances, poesia, conto, entre outras produções literárias..

XVI Bienal do Livro do Rio, 1 Setembro 2023 - 10 Setembro 2023
Esta edição de 2023 comemora 30 anos, e faz uma homenagem a Alemanha. Promove um salão de negócios e recebe o maior número de autores internacionais de todas as edições. A expectativa é que esta edição da Bienal do Livro RJ receba cerca de 600 mil expositores. O evento começa dia 1 de setembro 2023. Abre a partir das 9h e às 10h no final de semana. A programação se estende até às 22h durante a semana e no sábado e domingo até às 23h. Mais informações: https://www.bienaldolivro.com.br


Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa
& CIEBA – Centro de Investigação e de Estudos em Belas-Artes – Grupo de Investigação em Ciências da Arte e do Património – Francisco De Holanda. Ed. by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, Fernando António Baptista, Maria João Gamito, O retrato ~ On Portraiture: teoria, prática e ficção. De Francisco de Holanda a Susan Sontag (2022) (ISBN 978-989-8944-78-8). Free PDF. To read or download register for free on academia.edu


Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques

Hugo Miguel Crespo & Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, The “Pangolin Fan”: An Imperial Ivory Fan from Ceylon. Artistic Confluence and Global Gift Exchange between Sri Lanka and Renaissance Portugal (Buenos Aires: Jaime Eguiguren Art & Antiques, 2022). ISBN: 978-84-09-41680-6. This richly illustrated book presents a definitive study of nine imperial ivory fans from Renaissance Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka), carved between 1542 and 1551, in the royal workshops of the lost Sinhalese kingdom of Kōttē (කෝට්ටේ රාජධානිය). These rare ivories, which display a mix of Hindu and Buddhist iconography, are today dispersed amongst public and private collections in Europe. They were commissioned by King Bhuvanekabāhu VII (1521-1551), at the height of his reign, as political gifts for high-ranking members of the Portuguese royal family. Five intricately carved Kōttē fans were earmarked for the Portuguese Queen, Catarina of Austria (r. 1525-1578), a Habsburg infanta and youngest sister of Emperor Charles V.


Note the release, on 03 June 2022, of the commemorative edition of Laurentino Gomes,1822 - Edição comemorativa (ampliada e comemorativa pelo bicentenário da Independência), ISBN: 9786559870516; eISBN: 9786559870738. On 15 June 2022, GloboLivros announced the launch of the expected 3rd volume of Laurentino Gomes, Escravidão (592 pp.; ISBN: 9786559870523; eISBN: 9786559870776). Note also, among other, Rodrigo Alvarez, Redentor (a história do Cristo Redentor, o monumento mais conhecido do Brasil, que completa 90 anos em 2021) (released 28 September 2021) (ISBN: 9786586047486; eISBN: 9786559870073).

Betrand Livreiros
As always, we are more than glad to promote the Bertrand booksellers' system. Their meme -- "Passionate for Books" fully matches our own. Whoever, on their team, coined the other meme -- "Fazemos História, estando no presente" -- possessed clear insight. We agree entirely. Watch their current Manifesto Bertrand -- Somos Livros on YouTube, at https://www.bertrand.pt/online/somos-livros . Note that we are not part of the Programa de Afiliados da Bertrand. We do not promote any thing in exchange for any rewards -- on principle. We are not a Globalist mannequin in a 'social network' of 'perks' -- it would undermine our Critical Independence. We merely express appreciation.

Routledge / Taylor and Francis Group
The PSR is pleased to recommend, on behalf of Routledge a classic volume (2021) edited by Jeremy Roe and Jean Andrews: Representing Women’s Political Identity in the Early Modern Iberian World (ISBN 9781138541863, 358 pp.). The volume includes studies by Joana Serrado, Lisa Voigt, Diane H. Bodart, Carla Alferes Pinto, Jean Andrews, Annemarie Jordan Gschwend, Vanessa de Cruz Medina, Trevor J. Dadson, Jeremy Roe, Gema Rivas Gómez Calcerrada, Ana Maria S.A. Rodrigues, Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya, Laura Oliván Santaliestra, and Susana Varela Flor. The volume's co-editor, Jeremy Roe, also presented an intricate study of the political iconography of D. João IV (Vila Viçosa, 19 March 1604 - Lisbon, 6 November 1656) in PSR 27_2. Please visit Routledge and order Representing Women’s Political Identity in the Early Modern Iberian World for your library. While you are on the Routledge site, check out their other recent and forthcoming volumes. Jeremy Roe is a translator and independent researcher affiliated with the Centro de Humanidades, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Jean Andrews is Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, University of Nottingham. She co-edited Writing Royal Entries in Early Modern Europe (2014) and Art and Painting, Vicente Carducho and Baroque Spain (2016). Her monograph Painting and Devotion in Golden Age Iberia: Luis de Morales was published in 2020.

Alfarrabista : José Lopes Gomes Soares Lda.
Are you looking for rare research-relevant titles difficult or even impossible to obtain -- especially in financially strapped North American libraries? Consider checking José Lopes Gomes Soares - Comércio de livros Lda. / Rua do Bonjardim, 398 / 4000-116 / Porto (Portugal) / Tel.: 222 024 405 / e-mail: geral@alfarrabista.eu . One of their recent available titles is for instance: Luís Bernardo Leite de Ataíde, Etnografia, arte e vida antiga dos Açores, 4 vols. (Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade, 1973). Give the link a try. Note, very recently, the often quite unobtainable Augusto Soares de Azevedo Barbosa de Pinho Leal, Portugal Antigo e Moderno, 12 vols. (Typ. Editora de Mattos Moreira & Comp.ª); Eduardo de Campos de Castro de Azevedo Soares, Bibliographia Nobiliarchica Portugueza, 5 Vols.; plus Alberto Pimentel, A Côrte de D. Pedro IV (Imprensa Portugueza); Alberto Pimentel, A Guerrilha de Frei Simão (Livraria de António Maria Pereira); and many other items. Browse, find, like or dislike as your will. Collect books. Love books.

DROUOT.COM (depuis 1852) -- Hôtel Drouot, Paris
Composé de plusieurs filiales, le Groupe Drouot est un acteur incontournable du marché de l’art. L’Hôtel Drouot, situé au cœur de Paris, est la plus grande place de ventes aux enchères publiques au monde, depuis 1852. 15 salles de ventes sont proposées à plus de 60 maisons de vente. Rare objects, curios, unique items, books, unsuspected manuscripts of great historical value not available in any archival system. Includes, as service, online-only auctions (dematerialised auctions) and 'Buy Now' sales (sales of lots at fixed prices). Nearly 2 million items offered annually by c. 600 auction houses. Auction news reported every week in La Gazette Drouot, the leading weekly magazine for the art market and culture published by Auctionspress. Give the link a try. HÔTEL DROUOT, 9 rue Drouot, 75009 Paris, France, +33 (0)1 48 00 20 00, contact@drouot.com . For General Terms and Conditions of Use set by Drouot, see https://uk.drouot.com/general-terms

Librairie Frédéric Douin : Used, Rare, and Special Item Books

Note the most recent additional catalogue, 28 January 2023, and all previous catalogues available. The recent 'silent' gems, all around, not just in 'Portuguese Studies', were: Johann Joachim Wincklemann, Histoire de l'art chez les anciens (Paris: Saillant, 1766); Anonymous, Les stratagèmes et les ruses de guerre, tirez des historiens grecs, latins & françois, tant anciens que modernes (Paris, 1704) [vol. in-16°]; Augustin Redondo, ed., Les problèmes de l'exclusion en Espagne (XVIe-XVIIe siècles); Idéologie et discours (Paris: Sorbonne, 1983); Freddy Thiriet, Régestes des délibérations du Sénat de Venise concernant la Romanie, vols. 1 et 2 (Paris: Mouton, 1958-1959); Duchesse d'Abrantès, Mémoires de la Générale Junot, duchesse d'Abrantès. Souvenirs intimes sur l'enfance, la jeunesse, la vie privée de Napoléon Bonaparte, général et premier consul (Paris: P.L.U., 1913); Cornélius De Pauw, Recherches philosophiques sur les Américains, ou Mémoires intéressants pour servir à l'histoire de l'espèce humaine (London, 1771); Baltasar Gracián, Maximes de Baltazar Gracien, traduites de l'espagnol, avec les Réponses aux critiques de l'"Homme universel" et du "Héros" traduites du même auteur (Paris: Rollin Fils, 1730); Gabriel-Henri Gaillard, Histoire de Marie de Bourgogne, fille de Charles-le-Téméraire, qui épousa Maximilien, premier archiduc d'Autriche, depuis empereur (Amsterdam & Paris: Leclerc, 1757); plus many more. And and as a fabulous anti-Establishment satirical dessert, Honoré Daumier, Les gens de justice [collection of definitely not-so-kind caricatures] (Paris: Trinckvel, 1991). Shop at Douin -- rescue and cherish books. So that you could one day show your grandchildren: "This is actually what a 300-year-old book looked like"! As Douin posted: 'even books, not only stones, are part and parcel of Our Heritage'. "Be Curious: and Life Shall Only be More Beautiful !" Some people burn, banish, defame, 'cancel', and censor books (frequently without knowing anything at all about the actual content [in multiple languages that they neither read nor speak, thus feeling free to 'cancel' or 'dismiss' on a whim]). Other people save and preserve priceless books, even at the cost of their own life. Reference is to the iconic (in this respect) Ian Caldwell, The Rule of Four (2004), which is much more than an "ultimate puzzle book." This is a 'forgotten' work of utter Humanist defiance against zealotry, ignorant censorship, the decline of a free & genuine Academia, and/or Savonarola-style book-'cancelling'-burning. You know very well which side we -- the PSR -- stand on. Yet, we would never refuse to publish a diversity of 'sides'. You draw your own conclusions from that ... . Just do NOT impose those conclusions on others, and especially NOT using the Police, the Courts, Internet 'Disinformation' [so-called] Commissioners, the DSA, so-called 'Authorities' and so-called 'Trusted Sources' or ludicrously paid-for 'Fact Checkers'). You know what the old song says, "Sweet dreams are made of this / Who am I to disagree?" (Eurythmics, the absolutely haunting Track 6 of 'Sweet Dreams [Are Made of This], 1983, originally recorded on dirt cheap basement and second-hand studio equipment). It all indeed is -- and has been for entire millennia -- a question of fundamental 'values'.

Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki
Note, among other, some recent volumes of use to art historians and comparativists, with regard to tracing convergences of Italian and Iberian artistic scenes: Riccardo Gandolfi, Le Vite degli artisti di Gaspare Celio («Compendio delle Vite di Vasari con alcune altre aggiunte»),
Biblioteca dell'«Archivum Romanicum». Serie I: Storia, Letteratura, Paleografia, vol. 504, ISBN: 9788822267023; Giorgio Vasari e la «Vita di Marcantonio Bolognese, e d'altri intagliatori di stampe», Edizioni e fortuna critica (1568-1760), Testi e fonti per la storia del disegno e della grafica, vol. 1, ISBN: 9788822268068.

Paul Holberton Publishing 
The Global City: On the Streets of Renaissance Lisbon, edited by Annemarie Jordan Gschwend and K. J. P. Lowe (Paul Holberton Publishing: London, 2015; ISBN 9781907372889; 240 pp.) draws us into the past sensory universe of a Lisbon pre-dating the sudden seismic shock and tsunami of 1755. It does so from the starting point of two large-scale sixteenth-century vistas by an anonymous Flemish master that depict the Rua Nova dos Mercadores commercial and financial thoroughfare. Acquired in 1866 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the vistas contribute a unique spatio-temporal window into the past, at street level, bustling with the stark contradictions and contrasts of a global metropolis. The volume conjoins the two works of art with a wealth of data from newly found or suitably valorized archival documents, accompanied by a carefully selected display of little known or unpublished images of contemporary trade staples, curiosities, luxury and prestige items, naturalia, exotica, and other objects. A physical expression of the worldwide tangle of commerce, the Rua Nova as an architectural construct symbolically echoed the estuary of the river Tagus as a natural feature opening out to the Atlantic and to the oceans far beyond. The book Iets readers glimpse Lisbon and its material culture in all the vibrant cosmopolitanism characterizing this major trading hub of the Renaissance world, a hub whose essence and texture were to be forever altered by one of the planet's iconic natural cataclysms – an earthquake and a tsunami – on Saturday, 1 November 1755, the holiday of All Saints' Day. Please visit the PHP website for other recently published books.




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