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Formerly published by the ICGP (International Conference Group on Portugal)
The PSR is an international academic forum for the study of countries, regions, communities, and institutions sharing, exploring, transforming, or developing a Portuguese, Brazilian, or other Luso-related heritage  
Multi-lingual peer-reviewed research journal. Articles, review essays, and book reviews in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish    

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Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 19, Nos. 1 and 2
New Series

A Scholar for All Seasons: Jill Dias (1944-2008):
Special Volume of Collected Studies

Editors: Joseph C. Miller, Philip J. Havik, David Birmingham

David Birmingham
Jill R. Dias: A Short Personal Appraisal”

Philip J. Havik

“Innovating Academia & Inspiring People--Jill R. Dias: A Short Professional Biography”

Compiled by Philip J. Havik

“The Publications of Jill R. Dias”

Luiz Felipe de Alencastro
“South Atlantic Wars: The Episode of Palmares”

Mariana P. Candido

Slave Trade and New Identities in Benguela, 1700 -1860”

David Birmingham
“Slave City: Luanda through German Eyes”

Beatrix Heintze
“A Rare Insight into African Aspects of Angolan History: Henrique Dias de Carvalho’s Records of his Lunda Expedition, 1880-1884”

John K. Thornton
“Master or Dupe? The Reign of Pedro V of Kongo”

Jean-Luc Vellut
“Garenganze/Katanga—Bié—Benguela and Beyond: The Cycle of Rubber and Slaves at the Turn of the 20th Century

Jelmer Vos
“Of Stocks and Barter: John Holt and the Kongo Rubber Trade, 1906-1910”

William Gervase Clarence-Smith
“The Portuguese Empire and the ‘Battle for Rubber’ in the Second World War”

Philip J. Havik
“Traders, Planters and Go-betweens: The Kriston in Portuguese Guinea

Rosemary E. Galli
“Complicit Critic: Mozambique Company Misrule through the Eyes of Gustavo de Bivar Pinto Lopes”

Jeanne Marie Penvenne
“Two Tales of a City: Lourenço Marques, 1945–1975”

Douglas L. Wheeler
“May God Help Us!”: Angola’s First Declaration of Independence: The 1951-52 Petition to the United Nations and the U.S.A.

Inge Brinkman
“Changing Concerns, Changing Messages: UPA Pamphlets and Politics in Northern Angola, 1960-62”

Linda Heywood
“Angola and the Violent Years 1975-2008: Civilian Casualties”

Landeg White
“The Balance (I.M. Jill Dias, d. 28 April, 2008)” (poem)

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