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Formerly published by the ICGP (International Conference Group on Portugal)
The PSR is an international academic forum for the study of countries, regions, communities, and institutions sharing, exploring, transforming, or developing a Portuguese, Brazilian, or other Luso-related heritage  
Multi-lingual peer-reviewed research journal. Articles, review essays, and book reviews in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish    

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Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 20, No. 2

Identity, Civic Engagement and Multiculturalism: Portuguese-Canadian Immigrant Descendants in Canada and Portugal
Editors: Robert A. Kenedy, Fernando Nunes, and Ana Paula Beja Horta

Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 19, Nos. 1 and 2
A Scholar for All Seasons: Jill Dias (Special Volume)
Editors: Joseph C. Miller, Philip J. Havik, David Birmingham

Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 18, No. 1

Iconografia e História: Artesãos, Artífices, Artistas e o Brasil (Séculos XVIII e XIX)/Iconography and History: Craftsmen, Tradesmen, Artists and Brazil (18th and 19th Centuries)
Editor: Carla Mary S. Oliveira

Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 22, No. 1
Portugal Inside and Out: Presence(s) of Lusophone Culture in the Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary Periods (Selected Papers from the Colloque International "Portugal Inside and Out," Université de Montréal, 16-18 octobre 2013). In stock.
Guest Editor: James William Nelson Novoa

Portuguese Tangier (1471-1662): Colonial Urban Fabric as Cross-Cultural Skeleton
Martin Malcolm Elbl

Portuguese Studies Review Monograph Series, No. 1. Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2013. 1,074 pages (xxv +1047 + frt./back matter); 138 black-and-white ills. (maps, diagrams, structural schematics, spatial analysis of archival sources ); Appendices (incl. archival documents); Glossary; Bibliography; Index; 9" x 6.5" (2" spine); $140.00 CAD ; ISBN 978-0-921437-50-5 (paperback [soft-cover]). In stock.

Being the Nação in the Eternal City: New Christian Lives in Sixteenth-Century Rome

James William Nelson Novoa

Portuguese Studies Review Monograph Series, No. 2. Toronto and Peterborough: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf, 2014. 354 pages (x +344, incl. frt./back matter); 16 ills. (b/w, incl. maps and plans); Appendix (archival documents (Portuguese, Latin, Italian, Spanish)); Glossary of Terms; Bibliography; Index; 9" x 6.5"; list price: $ 56.95 CAD ; ISBN 978-0-921437-52-9 (paperback [soft-cover]; dust jacket). In stock.

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National Library of Canada Cataloguing Record
Portuguese Studies Review
ISSN 1057-1515 print
v. : ill. : 23 cm
1. Portugal–Civilization–Periodicals. 2. Africa, Portuguese-speaking–Civilization–Periodicals. 3. Brazil–Civilization–Periodicals. 4. Portugal–Civlisation–Périodiques. 5. Afrique lusophone– Civilisation–Périodiques. 6. Brésil–Civilisation–Périodiques.
DP532             909/.0917/5691005 21

Library of Congress Cataloguing Record
Portuguese Studies Review
ISSN 1057-1515 print
v. : ill. : 23 cm
1. Portugal–Civilization–Periodicals. 2. Africa, Portuguese-speaking–Civilization–Periodicals. 3. Brazil–Civilization–Periodicals.
DP532 .P67       909/.091/5691 20 92-659516

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