Portuguese Studies Review

ISSN 1057-1515
Appearing since 1991
Formerly published by the ICGP (International Conference Group on Portugal)
The PSR is an international academic forum for the study of countries, regions, communities, and institutions sharing, exploring, transforming, or developing a Portuguese, Brazilian, or other Luso-related heritage  
Multi-lingual peer-reviewed research journal. Articles, review essays, and book reviews in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish    

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ISSN: 1057-1515

First Year of Publication: 1991

Number of Issues per Volume (frequency): 2

Current Forthcoming Volumes: listed here.

This Year's Volumes: please check continuously updated information under "Forthcoming Volumes" at http://www.trentu.ca/admin/publications/psr/forth.html.

Months of Publication: Summer and Winter

Country of Publication: Canada

Publisher: Baywolf Press / Éditions Baywolf

Subject Classification: DP 532

Indexed: Historical Abstracts (1994-); Amer.Hist.&Life (1994-), Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (2004-), Sociological Abstracts (2004-).

Languages of Publication: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French

Published in: multi-language edition

Peer Reviewed/Refereed: Yes



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