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Tables of Contents

Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 23, No. 2
New Series (Shipped)

Angola: Then and Now
(Editors: José C. Curto (York University) and Tracy Lopes (York University))

José C. Curto and Tracy Lopes
“Introduction: Angola - Then and Now”

Part 1: Methodological Questions in the Angolan Past

José C. Curto
“Another Look at the Slave Trade from Benguela: What We Know and What We Do Not Know”

Raquel G. A. Gomes
Codice 3256, Governo Geral de Luanda, 1854-1858, Registro de Escravos Fugidos: Problems and Possibilities”

Part 2: Aspects of Angolan Social History

Kalle Kananoja

“Bioprospecting and European Uses of African Natural Medicine in Early Modern Angola”

Maryann Buri

“Towards a Social History of Burials in Angola – Benguela, 1770-1795"

Vanessa S. Oliveira
“The Gendered Dimension of Trade: Female Traders in Nineteenth Century Luanda"

Tracy Lopes
“Slavery and the Prison: Cases of Imprisonment in Luanda, 1857-1877"

Part 3: Angola from Then to Now

Frank J. Luce
“Confronting the Estado Novo: Canadian Missionaries and a Polemic Entitled Angola Awake

Jesse S. Ovadia
“State-Led Development in Angola and the Challenge of Agriculture and Rural Development”

Issue Supplement: Historical Reminiscences

Douglas L. Wheeler
'Where to Now, Voyager?': Remembering José Freire Antunes (1954-2015), Journalist, Historian, Free Spirit, and Admirer of Democracy, and His Voyages of Discovery





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